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From a young age, Gallery Salon owner and stylist, Erika Sorbello, had a passion for expressing herself creatively. Finding her niche in hair, art, and her own personal style, she turned her passion into a career and opened Gallery Salon. Check out her interview on RocGirlGang.com.

With an incredible team of talented stylists and artists, Gallery Salon offers professional beauty services including haircuts, colors, styles, extensions, makeup, nails, waxing, weddings, and more. Our hair stylists, makeup artists, and nail and wax technicians are here to tend to your every need, from head to toe! The services and products provided by the Gallery family are backed by continuing education, and a passion for the craft. Our staff will give you the salon experience you deserve.

Gallery Hair Salon Owner Erika Sorbello

Erika S.

Owner, Stylist

Kera I.


Nikki D.

Stylist, Makeup Artist, Extension Specialist

Halley W.

Nail Technician, Manager

Kendra D.

Stylist, Nail Tech, Wax Tech

Kathleen A.

Stylist & Makeup Artist

Liz M.



Nail Technician & Assistant

Rosie F.

Front End Manager

Breanna B.

Front End Coordinator

Bree D.

Front End Coordinator

Kim P.

Front End Coordinator

Julia M

Front End Coordinator