• Pop! Shop Jewelry by Champagne
    Handmade. Lightweight polymer clay earrings. Alongside running my shop, she works full time in the mental health field with young people. As a woman of color who struggles with depression and anxiety it is extremely important to make women of color feel beautiful and supported.
  • Light my Candle Co. by Lauren
    Her mission at Light My Candle Co. is to provide you with scents that spark your creativity, calm your mind, evoke your fondest memories, or just make your home a happy place to be. Every candle is handcrafted, hand poured and made with you in mind.
  • The House of Roushey by Christy
    Christy specializes in Floral Illustration + Modern Calligraphy Gifts. A Black-owned business focused on creating pieces that uplift, encourage and spark joy!
  • Earthbound Art by Essence
    Essence focuses on Black representation in the art world. She loves to create, be inspired, and is a proud Rochester resident.
  • Saint Vegann by Karissa
    A plant-based brand that is home to one of a kind, hand-bleached pieces, showing ease of dedication to a vegan lifestyle. In just a short amount of time and lots of inspiration Karissa has accomplished, 4 collections, 3 collaborations, over $3.5k donated, and 500+ orders fulfilled.
  • Brown Girls Too by Angela
    Brown Girls Too is an independently owned vintage clothing store catered to bringing ethical fashions to the conscious shopper. Saving the planet in style is what she always aims to do at Brown Girls Too.
  • Suds by Sasha by Sasha
    A local bath and body business that specializes in plant based handmade products.Their products are formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin, yet fragrant, for a soothing and enjoyable experience. Their products are enriched with quality skin loving ingredients to nurture and rejuvenate your skin.