Human Connection

Human Connection: Erika Sorbello, Nathan Kinne, Linda Hermans, Jenny Snyder & Brandi Marino

This show, titled “Human Connection” has been an idea in the works for years and Erika Sorbello, owner of Gallery Salon, is so thrilled to see it finally come to fruition. Human connection seems to be an art that is quickly losing steam in this world of technology. Connecting with others is the most important thing to Erika, and she wanted the chance to share it with all of the amazing people that are in her life and beyond. With this installation, she would like to challenge each and every one of you to participate and realize how interconnected we all truly are. With the world becoming more divided, it’s crucial to know we all have things in common. We are sharing the air we breathe and the planet we live on and we have to work together to keep this place inhabitable for the next generations to come.

Take a moment to look around you. Notice someone in need. Offer help. Connect with someone you maybe wouldn’t have normally in your daily life. Reach out to that friend or family member that has been on your mind.

Your challenge is to use the card that you picked to discuss the topic with someone. Anyone. You may have been lucky enough to get an Action card. And if you did, do that action and pass it on to someone else and let them know to do the same.

Erika would like to thank her chosen family, especially her partner Nate, Linda, Brandi and Jenny for being so willing to make this show come alive. Gallery Salon is so much more than a place to get your hair or nails done. It is a safe space for you to be you and know that you will be celebrated here. Please take time to connect with others. In real life.

Human Connection Artists at Gallery Salon
Human Connection Event at Gallery Salon

Meet the Artists

Nathan Kinne 

Nate has been making art in one way or another for a long time but for too many years he always put it on the back burner.  He often used the usual excuses, saying he was too busy or that he couldn’t afford it right now.  Nate always knew that creating something made him feel good but that just wasn’t enough to motivate him at the time.

After some major changes occurred in Nate’s life in my thirties, he finally got his butt in gear and started Happy Sasquatch.  He realized that creating art did more than just make him smile, it made others smile too.  It gives him the opportunity to do dozens of things that the “old Nate” never would have tried and connects him with new friends around the world.  Nate hopes you find something that you like here, but if you don’t, that’s fine.  It put a smile on his face to make it and honestly that’s enough for him.


Linda Hermans

Linda is a self-taught artist, and lifelong doodler residing in Webster, NY. She has drawn sporadically over the last 25 years as her own kind of therapy. She finds her inspiration in nature and the hope of the glass half full. Intention and attention; pen to paper, becomes Zen-like for her.

These four pieces of art, cartoony in style, are part of her artistic journey while writing and editing her upcoming book, “Finding Myrtle”, a teaching memoir and a caregiver’s journey, an honest look at the bouquet of humanness we all hold in our hands. With a common thread of music weaved throughout, Linda finds her own voice figuratively and poetically.

Her drawings were also inspired from a guided art meditation by Cara Elizabeth, artist/author of a colorful oracle deck, named Animal Apothecary. Linda’s art explores our connection to nature, getting quiet and becoming more.

Linda aims to inspire and help others on their own caregiver’s journey. Sharing ways to lighten the load, trusting the universe, and never giving up on your own dreams at any age.


Jenny Snyder

Introducing the enchanting artist who weaves magic into her wall hangings! With a fine arts education, and a career as a Licensed Esthetician, Jenny has mastered the art of both enhancing natural beauty and creating intriguing fiber works. When the hustle and bustle of the world gets overwhelming, Jenny finds solace in the rhythm of weaving. With every thread carefully intertwined, she finds a serene escape and lets her imagination run wild. Step into Jenny’s world of woven wonders, where she turns stress into serenity, one vibrant tapestry at a time.


Brandi Meg Marino

Brandi is a mother, a painter and a major daydreamer. She likes to explore and make adventures out of nothing. She likes old buildings and abandoned railroads and hiking in the woods. She likes treasure hunting and growing food and riding my old, uncool bike on trails. She likes beer and really salty popcorn and sushi and puts hot sauce on almost everything. She thrifts like a boss. She cleans houses as side hustle. She doesn’t like pasta, or getting gas, or putting her laundry away. She likes string lights and the smell of oranges. She hates long fingernails. She doesn’t understand how the internet works. Brandi’s favorite people are the ones she made herself.


Erika Sorbello

Erika has been an artist since the first crayon she held as a toddler. Quite literally, she has dabbled in every medium from metalsmithing to printmaking, fiber arts, painting and obviously hair cutting and coloring, but has ultimately found her love in found object, assemblage art. The ability to create something beautiful out of things deemed as garbage has been her most recent passion. During the pandemic, Erika really honed in on her style of eclectic, other worldly, rusty, worn looking pieces, creating something truly unique.

More About the Artists from Erika

Nate – for those of you who know me, you know Nate. “Potato”, as Viola loving refers to him, is the most supportive, levelheaded, incredible bonus parent and life partner. Nate has always been creative (and was way back when we met each other in college). He may have had a little nudge to share his woodworking talent with the world, and we’re all so glad he did! Nate created his first ever pair of earrings for our friend’s fallen tree, when Erika asked him to cut a branch and make her some sick earrings. Nate took that and ran with it, making the coolest and most detail-oriented pieces of jewelry and then expanded into his gorgeous wall pieces for everyone to enjoy. Special thanks to Natey for helping with make this show happen. I love you to the moon and back. Thanks for being my bestie and my biggest cheerleader babe! 6 down, a lifetime to go!


Linda – We met over 20 years ago when we both lived in the upper Monroe area and immediately fell in love with each other. We were at vastly different stages of our lives, yet we knew we were meant to be friends. Linda helped me and my dream of Gallery come to life back in 2005. She was a sounding board, a friend to have beverages with and even allowed me to use her son in my silly ads in City Newspaper! (he’s almost 18 now). We’ve been through some of our biggest life challenges and changes together. We’ve grown emotionally and spiritually together. We’ve enjoyed music and art thought the years and we have so many more adventures to come! SO much love for you and our friendship Linda.


Brandi – Brandi and I initially met in 1997 at Nazareth College in the art
department. Although we’ve known each other for over 25 years, we recently acknowledged our “best friendship” in the last few years. Brandi has quite literally been a shoulder to cry on, a friend to be weird with, an ear to listen, a treasure hunting buddy, an auntie to my kiddo and vice versa. Brandi has no issue with getting dirty and trying something new and always is up for an adventure! She is a daily staple in my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you for being willing to do anything and everything with me. Thank you for coming to the rescue when I need help. Thank you for going to look at the popup with me. Thanks for being my bestie, Brandi. I love you.


Jenny – Out of the crew, Jenny is the newest. The universe brought us together when I listed my apartment for rent on Facebook marketplace. Jenny showed up to tour the place and it was kismet. She’s been a part of our little family since the day she moved allllllll of her stuff in! (and I quickly decided I wanted all of it, since we have very similar taste) We have had such a profound and deep connection that happened super quickly, and we agree that we don’t know how we didn’t have each other in our lives before 2021. Jenny has grown so much in the last 2 years, and it’s been a pleasure being her pseudo mama and seeing her blossom in her business and talking life by the proverbial balls. I know she will always be Vi’s auntie and will be in my life forever. Love you lots, Jenny!

Human Connection Artists at Gallery Salon

Art by Jenny Snyder & Nathan Kinne

Human Connection Artists at Gallery Salon

Art by Linda Hermans

Human Connection Artists at Gallery Salon

Art by Brandi Marino

Human Connection Artists at Gallery Salon

Art by Erika Sorbello