Kendra DeWinde, She/Her

Stylist & Makeup Artist

Kendra DeWinde, Gallery Salon Stylist

About Kendra, She/Her

Hey, I’m Kendra!

I was born and raised in Rochester, but spent a year in Florida before moving back home and heading into Cosmetology school. I started here at Gallery Salon in January of 2016. #LongTermEmployee

I love doing lots of different types of hair color, but I would say my favorites are A: gray coverage B: blonding (of any sort) and C: fantasy colors! I also specialize in Makeup; for weddings, proms, or just wanting to get glammed up.

Aside from Gallery life, I’ve been in the fitness world since 2009. Although I am currently not teaching any classes, working out is still definitely a hobby of mine 💪🏽

I have two dogs, Jameson and Dottie and one cat named Squeak. My other half, Tom and I have known each other since 6th grade and have managed to create quite a life for the two of us! We had a “Pandemic Wedding” in June of 2021, on the hottest day of the entire year. Go figure.

I live my life in jeans and T-shirts, sneakers and oversized glasses. Comfort is KEY! 😉

My favorite colors are orange and olive green, I eat strawberries almost every day and I WILL quote the shows “New Girl” and/or “Schitt’s Creek” at some point in our conversation!

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