RErooted and Mixed Message Club

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RErooted is up-cycled, re-purposed, and found object artwork. Items include wearable art (jewelry) and home decor pieces created from various everyday items including: guitar strings, vintage bottles, vintage Rochester newspapers, buttons, gemstones, etc. All pieces have re-purposed elements merged into unique forms of self-expression.

Mixed Message Club

In JJ’s collage world, go analogue or go home. Born with a pair of scissors in her hand, JJ lives to cut and paste. She blurs the lines of reality by placing unassuming subjects into unexpected situations with her collage. She’s been featured in zines and publications throughout the US and has traveled from Los Angeles to Brooklyn peddling zines and making friends. JJ also hosts a weekly radio show with the same theme of her art, “putting pieces of ourselves together makes us whole”. By combining music, collage and enthusiastic folks who love art, she’s created a surreal world anyone would want to live in. JJ lives and works in Rochester, NY.