Stacey Mrva & Susan Elizabeth

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This exhibit features a collaborative gallery with a collection of lit sculptures by Stacey Mrva and teen portraits by Susan Elizabeth. On display at Gallery Salon January and February 2024.

Stacey Mrva Artist Statement:

With a career spanning over 25 years in the Upstate NY region, I have dedicated myself to the art of sculpting after earning my bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Syracuse University. Originally drawn to the world of jewelry making and metal-smithing, my creative journey took a transformative turn when I discovered the art of welding. I quickly fell in love with the idea of taking a cold, rigid material and transforming it into something that is fluid and organic.

The motivation behind this collaborative exhibition is rooted in a commitment to empower women and girls, challenging stereotypes and fostering the belief that they can excel in any endeavor, including welding. Through my work, I aim to dismantle preconceptions and demonstrate that the art of welding is not exclusive to any gender. My art aims to illustrate that by uplifting and supporting each other, there are no limits to what women can achieve.

In this collection, I weave together metal, fabric, and light to underscore the compelling beauty of juxtaposition. The pieces serve as visual affirmations of strength, resilience, and the limitless potential within every woman. My artistic footprint extends across public and private spaces, encompassing functional, architectural, commercial, and fine art pieces. Notably, my recent public installations along South Clinton Ave in the Highland Park neighborhood feature ten bespoke benches inspired by Rochester. Additionally, I contribute to the empowerment of women through Women’s
Welding Workshops held in my charming red barn studio in Springwater, NY, where the motto echoes, “Women Empower Women, One Weld at a Time.”

Explore further about these transformative workshops at, where the sparks of empowerment ignite.

View more of my work at my website

Stacey Mrva

Susan Elizabeth Portraits Artist Statement:

I have been looking for the bright side my entire life. I’ve been driven to share the beauty and happiness I see in our world, for as long as I can remember. I also constantly question if I matter enough to be someone who could possibly make a difference to anyone.

This Fall, I decided that I’m just going to do it anyway, and try to help some teenagers see themselves in a beautiful way that helps them KNOW that they matter right now, before they ever have to wonder about it as an adult. As a photographer, this is my way of shining a light on their strength, resilience, creativity, purpose, and beauty…through portraits.

I knew immediately that I wanted to share this experience with Erika and her Salon. We have the same need to encourage and support our community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to show these very special teenagers how amazing they are, in the most beautiful way that I know how.

Thank you for coming out to see our show! Learn more about Susan Elizabeth.

Photography by Susan Elizabeth
Stacey Mrva