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The Spring Thaw at the Gallery Salon

Hosted by: The Fated Creatives
The Fated Creatives are a group of talented Rochester artists showcasing their work as one installation at Gallery Salon for what they’re calling The Spring Thaw.

Meet the artists:

Magnus Champlin

Magnus Champlin is a working creative here in Rochester. He is filled with clever concepts, fun illustrations, and large installations of mystifying things, which are just some of his specialties hopefully leading to his Magnum Opus. He loves long walks on the beach and learning new factoids, sometimes at the same time.

See Magnus’ art:
On Instagram @magnusapollo


Gia Conti 

Gia Conti is a self-taught artist from Rochester, NY. She hopes to shed a new and pleasing light on under-appreciated, overlooked, and fictional life forms.  She thrives on the intense and fluid nature of watercolors which allow her to create highly-saturated, tasty paintings of real and imaginary life forms.

You can learn more:
On Instagram @giacontiart



Shawn Dunwoody

Shawn Dunwoody is a multidisciplinary award-winning artist, educator, and community activist based in Rochester, New York. 

Dunwoody is a highly talented and experienced artist who specializes in public art and mural work. He has an impressive track record of creating impactful and inspiring art that has been featured in numerous public spaces and exhibitions. Shawn is committed to using his artistic talents to create works that are not only visually stunning but also socially conscious, serving as a positive influence in the community. 

Dunwoody has created a wide range of public art installations throughout the country, many of which focus on issues of social justice and community empowerment. He has worked with numerous municipal agencies, communities, institutions, private businesses, and more, delivering permanent visual interventions, temporary installations, workshops, lectures, development plans, and public policy recommendations.  

In addition to his artistic work, Dunwoody is deeply committed to community building and social justice activism. He has served as a mentor and teacher for regional youth programs and has worked with a variety of community organizations to promote economic development and social equity across the nation. 

Dunwoody’s work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, that have led him to be documented, recorded, published, and broadcast on many outlets including The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, PBS, Forbes, NBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

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Shawnee Hill

Shawnee Hill is a multidisciplinary artist working in the city of Rochester. She focuses primarily on process and emotive elements within her work. She grew up in the Finger Lakes and studied at Pratt Institute for Art Direction. After college, her creative endeavors have been a wide array of public community projects, exhibits, and pop ups.

Her current focus is her chaotic dog, Ruby, and rebuilding her life as a full-time artist and tattoo apprentice at Hinterland Studio.

See Shawnee’s art:

On Instagram @shawneehill


Jonathan P. McGovern 

Jonathan P. McGovern has had an obsession with comic book art since pre-school. Once he stumbled upon his first comic book rack, he was immediately drawn to the wildly expressive colors and figures in the medium.

As training progressed, he began to study illustrators of the past that paved the way for the greatest artists in comics. Always looking for new inspiration to create more dynamic pieces, Jonathan’s choice of medium has varied due to necessity and experimentation.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys learning how to paint with acrylics and studying figure drawing using pencil, markers, and watercolor. He carries a multi-color pen and pocket sketchbook at his day job to further study color theory and capture ideas for creations.

You can find out more:
On Instagram @lineworkarts 


Meghan Murphy

Meghan/MurphyPop is a Rochester, NY based illustrator and graphic designer. Meghan specializes in exploring pop culture and aesthetics through bright colors and unique viewpoints. This is where you will find the creation of the weird and the wonderful.

See more:
On Twitter @kawaiinot
On Instagram/Twitch @murphypopart


John Perry

John Perry is a Rochester artist who specializes in photo realism. He is also the man responsible for Lower Deck Cards—a local company that paints directly on old sport cards, making old cards fun again!

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On Instagram @jlperry1972, @lowerdeckcards


Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts is an Illustrator, Sculptor, and Creator living in the Rochester area. Matthew tries to bring the love of nature, Biology, and Anatomy into their art work. Matthew is classically trained to use the most traditional painting mediums and personally prefers to paint Kaiju and monsters of all manners. 

See Matthew’s art:
On Instagram @massive_master_matt

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